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Customize a t-shirt: steps to follow.

Customize a t-shirt in a few clicks, it's easy

Designer Spreadshirt: how to create your own custom t-shirt in a few clicks.

Choose your t-shirt model to customize or your accessory

Spreadshirt offers a wide range of t-shirts to customize: t-shirt for men, women and children. You can also print an accessory, bag, mug or original gift.

Spreadshirt offers many t-shirt models to customize and print online. You can display all available models directly in the designer, once you have chosen your design or your photo. Click on the button Choose your product at the top of the left menu to view the range of items and change models at any time.

Create your t-shirt for man, woman or child with the design and/or text of your choice. Spreadshirt offers long or short sleeved t-shirts, hoodies for men, women and children, unisex hoodies, and other customizable jackets and sportswear, among other items.

You can also customize an accessory. Print your mug online, or create an original tote bag, or a shoulder bag to go to school, carry books, etc. Display the colours of your sports team, dance club, or company, or create a custom birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one.

You can also print a custom case for your phone, with a personal image to upload directly to the designer, or with one of the designs created especially for this purpose on the shop.

Order, security and Spreadshirt guarantee

The Spreadshirt guarantee and the security of online shopping. Data security and management of orders and returns.

Spreadshirt prints the t-shirts and accessories, and handles delivery and order management as well as returns.

The secure payment is handled by the Spreadshirt platform. Your personal data does not pass through the website.

The Spreadshirt Satisfaction Guarantee is the right to exchange within 30 days from the date of the order if your custom item does not suit you. You can choose between:

All the information on order tracking and returns on the Spreadshirt website.

Featured t-shirts

Featured categories

Geek designs for printing on custom t-shirt. Geek t-shirts

Custom geek t-shirt to print online

Animal Designs to print online. Animals t-shirts

Personalized animal t-shirt to print online

Celtic designs to print on t-shirt or accessories. Celtic t-shirts

Celtic t-shirt to personalize and print online

Halloween designs, pumpkins and monsters to print on t-shirt. Halloween t-shirts

Custom Halloween t-shirt. Create an original t-shirt

Moustaches drawn in customizable format to be printed on t-shirt. Moustache t-shirts

Customized moustache t-shirt. Create your mustached hispter t-shirt

Pirate and piracy designs to customize online, skull, skull and crossbones, jolly roger etc. Pirate flag t-shirts

Custom pirate t-shirt. Print a pirate flag t-shirt online

A wide range of products and t-shirts, and hundreds of designs to customize and print

Pirate flag t-shirt for women to customize online.

Creating your t-shirt online is easy

Creating a unique and original t-shirt is easy with the Spreadshirt customization tool. Find the design you like on the shop, and modify it in the Spreadshirt designer using the many customization tools.

You can choose the printing colors of most designs, as they are edited in a special vector format for t-shirt printing, a format that has a very sharp rendering and allows you to customize each of the colors that make up the plot.

You can move and position the design as you wish, adjust the size, rotate it, and if you wish you can add text.

Dinosaur t-shirt for kids to personalize.

Create your keep calm t-shirt

In the Keep Calm category of the shop you will find customizable reproductions of the British Royal Crown, or Keep Calm and... designs to complete with your own joke.

Choose your crown, display the Spreadshirt designer, and create your unique joke by adding your own personalized text.

Choose a red t-shirt to match the style of the original poster, or create a variation on the theme with another color. Choose your font from the Spreadshirt text editor, classic or fancy typeface, and layout the elements yourself using the tutorial that comes with each design.

Geek humor t-shirt for women, with a parody of the Ghostbuster logo, I ain't afraid of no goat.

Kids t-shirt, t-shirt for teenagers or adults, baby body... Custom clothes for the whole family

Spreadshirt offers many models of t-shirts, for men, women and children, as well as a wide range of accessories to customize and print online.

Make your choice in the Spreadshirt gallery. The gallery is displayed directly in the designer, at the top of the left menu.

You can also browse the product pages of this site, they are classified by categories.

Personalize your long or short sleeved t-shirt, hoodie, tank top or football jersey.

Keep Calm T-shirt and your personalized text.

Hundreds of designs to print for all styles

Motifs for geek and nerd, funny animals or cute kitten, dinosaur or panda, card game or even computer designs and developer... Browse through the categories of the store to find inspiration.

The designs of the shop are classified by theme. You can also search by keyword in the bar at the top of the site.

Each page features a tutorial and guides for customizing the design, color and size settings, placing on the t-shirt and adding custom text, etc.

Customized phone case with a mosaic of hearts.

Flag t-shirt, country, soccer etc. Show your colors!

Print your flag or a design in your team's colours, and create your own custom supporter t-shirt. The shop offers flags plated on stylized lips, which you can customize.

With the Spreadshirt designer you can print your motto or the name of your team, your country etc.

You can also upload your club's logo to the designer and customize a jersey, add a player number, etc.

Men's Hoodie with union jack to print online.

Print your phone case online

Create an original protective case for your mobile phone. The shop offers many designs to customize and adapt, specially designed to cover the rectangular vertical area of a phone case.

Flags stretched in height, tapestries of rectangular patterns, fake telephone circuits or funny moustaches arranged in groups to be placed on the printable surface of the case....

You can also print a personal photo on the cases available from Spreadshirt. Upload your family photo or landscape and create a unique and personal mobile phone shell.

Create your own unique and original garden apron with Spreadshirt.

Customize a cooking apron or gardening apron

Create an apron that suits you, for your cooking sessions or your gardening activities.

Print a kiss the cook apron with your colors, with a chef's hat, or an apron for your barbecue afternoons, with a grill or steak design.

Or celebrate the return of spring by offering yourself a flowery gardening apron to exercise your green thumb in style.

The aprons are available in several colors, and the designs are mostly customizable thanks to the vector format of the drawings which allows you to choose the printing colors.

Kiss the Cook cooking apron to print online.

Personalize a jacket, a bag, your working clothes

Spreadshirt prints many t-shirts for men, women and children in various styles, and also customizes many clothes and accessories: hoodies and sweaters, underwear, polos, safety or work jackets...

You can also print a cap or hat, or a sports bag, a lightweight and practical tote bag that is suitable for carrying anything and everything and folds easily when not in use.

Veste personnalisée avec un macaron Geek original.

Jackets, vests, hoodies to customize

Print a sports jacket, or an urban jacket, or a sportswear jacket, with a personalized design.

Spreadshirt offers jackets for every season and various styles, for men, women and children.

Choose the model and then the color in the article gallery directly in the designer.

You can first select the design to print by browsing through the shop's illustrations, then choose the garment directly on the design page in the designer.

Funny panda kawaii t-shirt to create online.

Geek t-shirt, gamer and nerd t-shirt

Design-your-t-shirt offers many customizable designs in the theme of geek and nerd. Create an original geek t-shirt with a stamped certificate of authenticity. Print a parodic keep calm t-shirt with the formula have you tried turning it off and on again. Or personalize a gamer's t-shirt with the word game, or a joke about rage quitting.

Designs for computer scientists and developers are available, with computer designs, vintage computers, a YOU SHALL NOT PARSE joke, or the In Code We Trust joke.

Or simply claim your status as a Geek or nerd by spreading it out on a t-shirt.

Geek t-shirt for teenagers written in large typeface letters to customize online.

T-shirts for kids and teens

The Spreadshirt range does not leave children behind, with its mixed t-shirts for teenagers, long or short sleeved t-shirts, or girly cut t-shirts in sizes from 4 to 12 years. Models for young children are also available.

You can also customize a kids' jacket or hoodie, or a backpack.

Also available for printing are baby t-shirts with short or long sleeves, plain or two-coloured baby bodysuits, available in several colours.

Finally, baby caps, bibs and bandanas are also printed in the shop.

Custom geek mug to create online, create your cup in code we trust for computer scientist.

Help your kid or teen to create their t-shirt online, by supervising each step of the customization process

With the Spreadshirt designer, which is very easy to use, you can leave your teenager or even your young child in charge, so that he can customize his t-shirt from start to finish.

From choosing the pattern to adjusting the colors and placing on the item, simply guide them through each step.

Just check the important points, which are specified in the tutorials accompanying the designs: colour contrast, alignment in the centre of the garment, placement outside the seams etc. and check the size and age of the item's destination.

Customised tote bag to be printed online.

Print your mug or accessory online

With Spreadshirt, customize a variety of inexpensive accessories online.

Create your office mug or morning cup, print an original tote bag or shopping bag with your design or text, or customize a hat with a funny design or a flag, etc.

Spreadshirt is also the ideal solution to personalize original and unique gifts to offer to your loved ones, for birthdays, Christmas and various occasions, a colleague's farewell drink or any other event.

Find inspiration by browsing through the hundreds of customizable designs in the store.

Custom beanie with kawaii kittens. Funny cap.

Photo credits: Spreadshirt