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Ocean t-shirt, sharks, sea animals, to personalize and print online.

Ocean t-shirt

Custom ocean and sea t-shirt to print online. Choose your design and create an original maritime t-shirt online. Sharks, fish, waves etc. Customize a unique article on the theme of the sea. PERSONALIZATION GUIDE: Click on the ocean design of your choice to access the product page. Once on the page, choose your item to customize, t-shirt, mug, tote bag etc. All customizable items are listed in the Spreadshirt gallery at the top of the left menu, once you have displayed the customization window. Start by choosing your item and its color, to get a clear idea of the final result. It is important to choose colours that contrast well between the t-shirt or background product and the pattern. Once the item has been selected, click on the design already positioned on the printing surface, and set the colors, size, and design orientation. These settings are made using the frame around the pattern. You can add a text if you wish. Benchmarks are displayed when you drag items to help you align them. A personalization guide is available on the page.