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Reptile t-shirt, stylized gecko to be modified in line and print syr t-shirt, cup, bag etc.

Reptile t-shirt

Custom reptile t-shirt to create online. Choose your colors in the designer, adapt the size of the design and print an original item, t-shirt, cup, gift, bag etc.PERSONALIZATION GUIDE : Choose your reptile, gecko, etc. to access the pattern page. Once on the pattern page, choose the t-shirt model on which to print the reptile, and adjust the color. You can change the color of the garment. Be sure to select colors that contrast and blend well between the t-shirt and the pattern for optimal final rendering. You can then click on the reptile and change its size and color in the designer. Add custom text, if desired, and layout it in the text editor. Many fonts are available for printing. To align the elements on the printing surface and on the t-shirt, use the markers that appear when you drag an object with the mouse.