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Customized t-shirt thumbs up. Print a thumb-up design on the t-shirt of your choice and create an original garment.

Thumbs up t-shirt

Custom t-shirt thumbs up. Thumbs up to customize and print online. Mickey thumbs and gloved hands associated in pairs or single to create t-shirts, mugs or thumbs up gifts or like original signs. PERSONALIZATION GUIDE: T-shirts available for printing - as well as accessories - are visible in the Spreadshirt product gallery, in the customization window, to be displayed in the design page. Once your t-shirt is chosen, click on the design to display the customization options. You can change the size and orientation of the thumbs, move them around the printing area. To center them, drag them, a marker appears to indicate the middle of the printing area. You can also change the colors if you wish, even if the black and flat white outlines format fits well with the features of thumbs up designs.