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T-shirt with funny traffic signs. Create a funny t-shirt with a custom road signand print it online.

Funny traffic sign t-shirt

Personalised traffic signs to be printed on t-shirts, gifts or accessories. Customize a funny traffic sign in the designer and print an original t-shirt. UFO road sign, troll road sign, warning zombies, choose your theme and create a unique item... PERSONALIZATION GUIDE:: Once you have chosen your road sign and arrived on the design page, first select the t-shirt that you want to print. Display the customization tool, and browse the article gallery at the top left. T-shirts are classified by category, male, female and child, and long or short sleeve t-shirts. Choose the color. Once the background is set, it is easier to adapt the pattern and choose the right colors for optimal contrast of the final rendering. Click on the design to display the customization options. Adjust colors and size, rotate the design, and place it at your convenience on the printable area of the t-shirt. You can print on the front or back, or on the sleeves. To align the pattern, markers help you and are displayed when you drag the design.