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Create your own personalized I love t-shirt online with customizable hearts in vector format to be modified in the designer

I love t-shirt

Custom I Love T-shirt. Create your own I love t-shirt online with one of the many heart designs available. Choose the heart that suits you, change the color in the designer and add your text. The designs are drawn in vector format which does not lose quality when you change the size, you can enlarge them at will. Print your I love t-shirt. I love my father my mother my brothers and sisters etc. online. PERSONALIZATION GUIDE: To create your I love t-shirt, proceed in steps. The easiest way is to start by choosing the model and color of the t-shirt, to get an idea of the final result. The gallery of available t-shirts is on the designer's left. You can also print a mug, a tote bag, or an accessory, if you wish. The items are classified by category. Once your item has been selected, proceed to the design. The patterns are mostly drawn in vector format, which allows you to choose each of the printing colors. Choose contrasting shades and test the finish with the final colour of the t-shirt for optimal results. The designer also offers the possibility of adding custom text. To align elements, text, hearts, etc., use the markers that appear when you move objects with the mouse.