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Custom dinosaur t-shirt. Create your original dinosaur t-shirt with a t-rex drawing in special vector format for online printing.

Dinosaur t-shirt

Custom dinosaur t-shirt. Dinosaurs drawn in a special customizable format for online printing. Create your original custom t-rex t-shirt or dinosaur mug by adapting an illustration in the Spreadshirt designer. PERSONALIZATION GUIDE: Select the t-shirt on which you want to print the dinosaur first. It is easier to customize the design once you know the background color and size of the printing area. Choose a t-shirt from the Spreadshirt product range, listed in the customization window. The t-shirts are classified by categories, for men, women and children. For transparent dinosaurs, select a white or clear model, so that the design stands out. Once you have chosen the t-shirt, click on the dinosaur to adjust your settings: choose the printing colors, adjust the size, and place the design where you want to print it, within the limits of the printing area. A marker is displayed when the dinosaur is placed in the middle of the t-shirt.