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Create your custom retrogaming t-shirt online with a vintage video game design.

Retrogaming t-shirt

Custom retrogaming t-shirt. Vintage and retrogaming designs to personalize yourself online and print on t-shirt, mug, bag etc. Old floppy disks, prehistoric computers, geek pride and early video game designs, choose the design you like and create an original geek and retro gamer t-shirt. PERSONALIZATION GUIDE: When you arrive on the product page corresponding to the design you want to print, the easiest way is to start by choosing the t-shirt or the accessory. The printable items gallery is visible in the Spreadshirt customization tool, at the top left of the designer window menu. Once the template has been selected, position the design on the printing area by dragging it with the mouse. Adjust its size, and choose the colors. To help you align the pattern on the t-shirt, markers are displayed when you drag the design.