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Geek robot with a futuristic design, designed in two colors with an opaque background and very sharp contrasts.

Big robot t-shirt

Robot t-shirt. Geek robot with a slender silhouette and massive shapes. The robot is drawn in regular lines with a three-dimensional effect, and two-colour flat tints, with pronounced shadows and light flat tints.

He stands upright, his torso slightly angled to the left, arms slightly apart and legs straight.

The robot has massive shoulders and a round neck with a small head on it. Print an original robot t-shirt online by customizing and designing. Choose a dark color for contours and shadows and a lighter color for brighter areas.

Technical features of the design

  • Number of colors: 1
  • Minimum size for flex and flock printing: 11,4 x 21 cm
  • Type of drawing: Two-colour flat tints and contours

Available print types

  • Flex printing (smooth)
  • Flock printing (velvety)
  • Digital Transfer on t-shirt
  • Thermo sublimation on cases and mugs
  • Laser Transfer
Customization steps in the designer, customize an original product step by step.

Open the Designer in a new tab : t-shirt Big robot

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Customization: Spreadshirt designer's user manual

Stylized robot designed in solid and dark contours, and customizable opaque background.

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Personalize a t-shirt, a bag, an accessory with this stylish robot.

Nerd robot t-shirt. Opaque geek robot designed in two colors to be printed on t-shirt, bag, mug etc. The robot is designed in solid black areas and contours, and light red areas. The vector format of the drawing allows you to modify these colors. The robot works in black and white, or black and red, or red and white etc. printing on white t-shirts as well as on black or dark t-shirts. If you customize a black t-shirt, select a dark color that stands out well for the robot's shaded areas. You can play with the colors and print a robot in dark green and light green, or red and orange for example. Click on the design to display the customization options. The design colors can be adjusted on the right. The color of the t-shirt can be adjusted underneath the garment. You can enlarge the robot as much as you like, because the vector format keeps the plot sharp in any size. Place the design at your convenience on the printing area of the t-shirt. To align it, use the markers that appear when you drag the design to the middle of the printable area. To select another t-shirt model to print, browse the model gallery at the top of the left menu. T-shirts for men, women and children are available, as well as hoodies, printable accessories, bags, tote bags, mugs, etc.

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