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T-shirt number 6. Print a T-shirt 6 online, number to be personalized.

Number 6 t-shirt

T-shirt 6. Number 6, customizable sport design and lucky number. The number is written on a solid circle, with a thin contour circle near the inner edge. The number 6 is written in simple stick typography and elongated thick stick lettering. A sports and jersey design, and number.

Technical features of the design

  • Number of colors: 2
  • Minimum size for flex and flock printing: 6,7 cm X 6,7 cm
  • Type of drawing: Flat surfaces and fine contours

Available print types

  • Flex printing (smooth)
  • Flock printing (velvety)
  • Digital Transfer on t-shirt
  • Thermo sublimation on cases and mugs
  • Laser Transfer
Customization steps in the designer, customize an original product step by step.

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T-shirts Number 6 and circle to create and customize online

Print your number 6 jersey


T-shirt Number 6 and circle to create and customize online.

Number 6, sports design to be printed on t-shirt or jersey. The number 6 is centred on an opaque white circle bordered by a thick black circle slightly spaced from the edge of the circle. The 6 is drawn in black, in vector format, and cannot be modified. Click on the number to adjust size and color - customization tools are displayed when the design is selected. You can enlarge the design at will, within the limits of the t-shirt's printing area. The vector format maintains the accuracy of the plots regardless of size. Place the number on the printing area. A marker is displayed to indicate the middle. The colors can be adjusted on the right. The color of the t-shirt can be changed below the item. At the top left of the menu, you can display the gallery of t-shirts to customize, if you want to change the model. T-shirts for men, women and children, as well as hoodies and accessories, are available for printing.

Numbers t-shirt - Number 6 - 6 - Jersey 6 - Sport 6