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Personalized portable shell, decorative designs for phone case printing.

Phone cases

Customized phone case to be created online. Choose a special pattern for printing on mobile phone protection, and adapt it in the designer by selecting the right case for your phone model. Many designs are available, in long and stretched format, with a margin for full printing including on the edges. Geek case, kawaii case, skull case or card game colours, choose your style and dress your mobile in an original way. PERSONALIZATION GUIDE: The designs are designed to fit all current case models that are offered in the designer. To ensure printing over the entire surface, including the edges, stretch the pattern so that it slightly protrudes from the rectangle that indicates the printing area. The vector patterns (hearts, whiskers, Irish clubs etc.) can be modified, you can choose your printing color. Guide lines are displayed when you move the design to help you align the print.