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Mobile phone cases to customize, with country flag to print online. The flags are in the same format as the standard full printed cases.

Flag cases

Custom flag phone case to create online. Select the flag of your choice and adapt it in the designer to the case that matches your phone model. The flags are adapted and stretched in length to fit the dimensions of existing common mobiles. PERSONALIZATION GUIDE: Choose your phone case model in the customization tool, whose window is displayed in the middle of the page. Once the case corresponding to your phone is displayed, with the printing area delimited, it will be easier to adapt the flag to the format. Click on the flag to display the customization tools. Stretch the flag so that it slightly protrudes beyond the dotted lines that mark the printable area. To center the flag, gently slide it from right to left and up and down, and stop when a marker appears, it is positioned in the center.